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Oakland Home Healthcare patients are overwhelmingly satisfied with the care they receive.

Patient Choice  

According to both federal and state law, patients are free to choose any qualified home health agency to provide their care.*

If you are returning home from the hospital, a rehab facility, or a nursing home, you can choose which agency will provide you with home health care. Or if you are at the doctor’s office, and your physician suggests that you receive home health care, you may choose the agency that will provide your care.

When the hospital discharge planner or your doctor recommends home health care for you or your loved one, ask for care from Oakland Home Healthcare!

With innovative clinical programs and technology and our commitment to giving patients the best care possible, Oakland Home Healthcare is only a call away. Remember your freedom to choose!

Call Oakland Home Healthcare at 734-525-6700 to find out if you are a candidate for home healthcare, or send us an email at

*Social Security Act, 1802(a): “Basic freedom of choice.—Any individual entitled to insurance benefits under this title may obtain health services from any institution, agency, or person qualified to participate under this title if such institution, agency, or person undertakes to provide him such services.”



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