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Oakland Home Healthcare boasts outstanding success in helping patients improve under our care.

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Oakland Home Healthcare is a leading Michigan provider of
in-home nursing and therapy care for seniors on Medicare.
We are well recognized for helping seniors on Medicare live
better, recover faster and have a higher quality of life and independence at home.

At Oakland Home Healthcare, our licensed, qualified clinicians
use the latest medical technologies to ensure the best results
for our patients and their families. Our dedication to our patients’ health consistently earns us impressive customer satisfaction
rates, as well as the best clinical outcomes.

We aggressively invest in all aspects of our business – our people, our programs and our technology – to deliver the kind of care our patients and their physicians expect.

  • Clinical Excellence
  • Home Health Information
  • Lower Re-Hospitalization.

Make Oakland Home Healthcare your choice for patients who need in-home nursing or therapy care. For more information about Oaklandl, please call us at 734-525-6700 or email



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Oakland Home Health Care
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